Just in time for Valentine's Day - Try one of our most recent limited release varieties - Sweetheart Blend.

If you're looking for a sweet start to your day, look no further than Sweetheart Blend, freshly roasted by our friends at Clear Lake Coffee Roasters . We couldn't imagine a better Valentine in a mug. Formulated for drip and espresso alike, Sweetheart Blend is a light-roasted combination of washed and natural Bourbon-varietal beans from El Salvador. This cup is light, but with a soft, creamy texture like melted chocolate ice cream. Notes of chocolate and caramel throughout, with a subtle fruitiness just underneath. As the cup cools, those fruity notes emerge, tart summer cherries and key lime, with a juicy finish and a touch of toasted hazelnut. With roasts like this, it's no surprise that Food & Wine Magazine rated Clear Lake Coffee Roaster as the best of Iowa. Sweet, soft, and easy to drink, this is the coffee equivalent of sunshine streaming through your window. Good morning, sweetheart!

Of course, with a company like Clear Lake Coffee Roasters, this blend is sweet AND full of heart. Their Sweetheart program focuses on ethical sourcing through their Fair for All standards, to ensure that everyone involved in this coffee's production—from coffee pickers to exporters— can earn a sustainable and fair, living wage for their work. Through one of their initiatives, Clear Lake Coffee Roasters pays an extra $0.50 per lb for the beans, and the money is used to hire English tutors for the children in the Ojo de Agua village. In El Salvador, English speakers earn an average of 30% higher wages than non-English speakers. With programs like this, it's hard to think of a coffee roaster with more heart than Clear Lake Coffee Roasters .

With sweet, easy flavors of melted chocolate, caramel, tangy cherry, and a hint of toasted hazelnut, Clear Lake Coffee Roasters Sweetheart Blend is a Valentine in a Mug— a little candy heart that says "brew me!". Unlike true love, this seasonal blend won't last forever. Reserve a bag today, for yourself or someone you adore: it's guaranteed to keep your hands, and your heart, warm.