Clear Lake Coffee Roasters: Industry Insider Series - Shipping 102 at Clear Lake Coffee Roasters 'University'- Jan 16,2021

Let's face it: 'ship' happens, and unexpected shipping hiccups can happen to the most honest of small business. Here are a few tips to keep you on top of shipping.



APV Adjustments and Reconciliations 📏

Both UPS and USPS have systems in place to help verify that you purchased the correct amount of postage. If a difference in size, weight, packaging, or zone is detected, the carrier will charge or credit your Ship account accordingly,  you can set up notifications to get an email going over the changes they made.


That said, both carriers determine these charges through automated systems that can occasionally make mistakes 🙈 If you think you received an incorrect adjustment, you can easily file a carrier adjustment dispute; if you use a third party shipping provider, and/or application, check with them on how to start a dispute with the respective carrier.  



Late Packages ⏰

UPS and USPS offer delivery estimates for most of their services. While they’re typically pretty accurate, packages can sometimes experience delays 🐌 If you’ve got a package that needs to be delivered quickly and on time, Priority Mail Express promises delivery within 1-2 days, or your money back!



Missing or Damaged Packages 📦

Occasionally, packages do get lost within the network or arrive at their destination damaged 😭


If you shipped a package via Priority Mail, USPS does include built-in insurance coverage at no cost to you! Domestic Priority Mail services include $100 of coverage, or $200 if international.


With UPS, all services automatically include $100 of coverage 🎉


Many third party shipping applications also offer third-party insurance coverage through Shipsurance, which is a great option for non-Priority Mail services, or packages that have a higher value.



Whilst you're here are 6 reasons for making Clear Lake Coffee Roasters - CLCR - your go-to coffee roaster:

☕️ We are a local family-run business located in the heart of Clear Lake, Iowa.

☕️ We go to great lengths to find only the finest and ethically sourced coffee around, from the top 2% of coffee beans in the world.

☕️ We only source 100% certified Arabica coffee beans, carefully hand-selecting each coffee based on specific quality and taste attributes.

☕️ Our roasting process has been refined over the years and each roast profile is individually designed to complement the nuances of the coffee we source, from Cup of Excellence (COE) award-winning producers.

☕️ By roasting in smaller batches, we can ensure our coffee is ALWAYS fresh, in fact, we roast your coffee only after you place an order - the same day your order ships out.

☕️ At CLCR, we are dedicated to a single mission: the unyielding pursuit of coffee perfection in every cup.

We would give you more reasons, but rather than reading it's better if you visit our website, purchase a bag or two, and experience a unique caffeinated or half-caff journey for yourself 😊!
Explore goodness. Click. Buy. Smile.

Clear Lake City Park Beach - Named one of USA Today's top 50 Beaches in the United States.

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