Donate today and you can be confident that 100 % of the proceeds will be given to in material support of their COVID-19 relief fund for teachers and students

Keep Learning Safe


Teachers across the nation face uncertainty about what back to school will look like this year. Will their students be safe in the classroom? If they learn from home, will they have the tools they need? 


Teachers need our support more than ever to keep learning safe during COVID-19.  


Students and teachers in high-need communities will be most vulnerable to budget shortfalls and lack of technology and PPE this fall. Your gift will support students and teachers who need COVID-19 relief most. 


During the spring, partnered with educators, schools, and vendor partners to identify critical needs and rapidly deploy resources. You can read about what we accomplished together here. Like you, we hoped this would be over by fall. We’re taking what we learned during the spring and implementing further relief for teachers during back to school. Your gift will support items like:

  • Internet hot spots and 'Chromebooks' for students

  • Safety supplies including masks and hand sanitizer

  • Postage for no-contact mailing from teachers to students

  • Rapid response supplies deemed necessary by teachers


Please make a gift now and stand with teachers and students to keep learning safe.