New Releases - Clear Lake Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Natural - Fair trade Organic Coffee

For fresh and fruity springtime flavors, there's nothing like a natural Ethiopian-- and this time of year Clear Lake Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Natural - Fair trade Organic is a perpetual favorite. Sweet, punchy aromas of wild blueberries, florals and a subtle note of rum make it love at first sniff. Brewed up, the body is buttery and smooth like heavy cream, with deep, slightly wild notes of rum cake and cantaloupe melon, nutty almond biscotti, grape jam, maybe a touch of sticky marmalade. Light, effervescent finish of lavender florals. We can hear the birds singing already. We get this variety from Mokonissa - - one of the smallest villages in the Sidama region in southern Ethiopia, one of the country’s most famous coffee-producing areas. The farmers use organic practices, though they are not certified due to the high cost. The perfumey florals and fermenty fruit-bomb notes are a product of the natural, or dry-processing method, where the fruit of the coffee bean is allowed to remain on the bean as it dries. Clear Lake Coffee Roasters has been featuring Ethiopia Natural FTO for a few years now, due 

to its reliability and consistency. We loved this coffee last year for its clean flavors and fruity complexity, and this year's high-scoring lot is better than ever. Fruit? Check. Flowers? Check. Brewing up a springtime brunch has never been easier (no matter what it looks like outside). Reserve your own bag, while it lasts, and enjoy a rich, creamy sip of fresh fruit, rum cake, and buttery lavender. Now that's a spring awakening! Limit 3 bags per customer. Available while supplies last.