The Cookie Dough Coffee - Brazil Canaan Estate medium coffee By Clear Lake Coffee Roasters - On sale now, just a few bags left, get yours before it runs out!

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With hints of chocolate chip cookie dough, this Brazilian coffee has become a perennial favorite.

We nicknamed the Brazil Canaan Estate the "cookie dough coffee" because of its distinct sweet cookie flavor. Perfectly roasted for a comforting toastiness and an incredibly smooth cup. A real treat for coffee lovers, and a true gem from the world's largest coffee-producing country. It's rare to see Cup of Excellence-quality coffee from Brazil pass through the U.S. Lots of great coffee comes out of the Carmo de Minas region, within the foothills of the Sierra de Mantiqueira mountains, but this one takes the... chocolate chip cookie! Treat your morning sweet tooth to one of our favorites.



  • Medium roast profile
  • Origin(s): Brazilian
  • Tastes: Sugar Cane, Nutty, Chocolate
  • Varietal(s): Yellow Catuai
  • Process: Dry Natural
  • Elevation: 1000m
  • Good for: Aeropress, Espresso, French Press, Iced Or Cold Brew, Pour Over