Yacht Club Blend

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Yacht Club Blend...try our newest Blend today! If you’re looking for your new favorite Light roast, at home, Clear Lake Coffee Roasters has you covered. Try one of our newest blends with bright acidity, Yacht Club Blend; cupping notes: sweet lemonade, cherry cobbler, rhubarb. Aromatic and full of flavor, this cup is perfectly balanced. Yacht Club Blend is a customer favorite. Give it a try, we think you will agree. 

At Clear Lake Coffee Roasters we’ve thoughtfully combined the direct-sourcing and top-quality beans of the "third wave", with a toasty, well-developed roasting style that would feel at home in any classic coffee bar. Yacht Club Blend is a true nod to Clear Lake's own coffee origins when the romance of Italian-style coffee began to captivate a new generation of American coffee lovers. May the romance never end...

Roast: Light Roast

House Blend.  Great for Espresso machines. Blend of coffee from Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil.