6 Bean Blend

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Photo Credit: Matt Phalen 

Get out the french presses! If you’re looking for your new favorite dark roast, at home, Clear Lake Coffee Roasters has you covered. Our rich, spicy 6 Bean Blend is a get-you-out-of-bed classic. Aromatic and full of flavor, this cup opens with a toasty Indonesian earthiness, followed by a big body of rich dark chocolate and a hazelnut finish. Clean, smooth, and eye-openingly bold, 6 Bean Blend is the morning person’s dream (and the night-owl’s secret weapon).

At Clear Lake Coffee Roasters we’ve thoughtfully combined the direct-sourcing and top-quality beans of the "third wave", with a toasty, well-developed roasting style that would feel at home in any classic coffee bar. 6 Bean Blend is a true nod to Seattle’s own coffee origins, when the romance of the Italian-style coffee began to captivate a new generation of American coffee lovers. May the romance never end...

You’ll find our coffee served up in hotels all over North America, and the reason is clear: their roasts are versatile, sophisticated, and endlessly refillable. 6 Bean Blend is one of our most-loved dark roasts, a modern classic of rich, nutty chocolate in a bold, earthy profile. Reserve a bag of 6 Bean  Blend today, and brew up your own 5-star wake-up call. Your french press never had it so good.

Roast: Dark Roast

House Blend.  Great for Espresso meticulous blend of coffee from Indonesia, Brazil Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.