Cowboy Blend

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Photo Credit: Matt Phalen 

Brew your own adventure with Cowboy Blend!  Crafted to pair perfectly with milk, this medium roast is like a ready-made mocha in a mug: you’ll taste big, layered flavors of cocoa powder, baking spices, and toasted nuts, with a hint of dark berries for a round, lively sweetness. Like all of Clear Lake Coffee roasters blends, flavors stay bold, balanced, and toasty: the perfect anchor for a home latte, cafe au lait, or creamy cold brew.

Versatile and deliciously chocolatey, Cowboy Blend is a Clear Lake Coffee Roasters staple that will send you off in style, whether enjoyed bold and black or with a layer of milk like the snowcap on the summit of the Sierra Madre. When our coffee is up for anything, so are we! Reserve a freshly-roasted bag of Clear Lake Coffee Cowboy Blend today, for yourself or someone you love and set the stage for your own daily expedition. Happy trails!

Roast: Dark & Medium Blend

With both Dark and Medium roasted coffee.  Cocoa, caramel, & vanilla tones